Knowledge Building in Action


Teachers  *  Principals  *  Technology Staff  *  Teaching Aides


connecting to


Partnering teachers, principals,

technology staff and teaching

aides with their colleagues,

across the street or around

the world







Closed systems for video-

conferencing and electronic

workspaces provide maximum

security and privacy


Keep learning, upgrading

skills and updating content -

these are the goals of the

best educators

Effective for learning inside

classrooms, after-school

programming, international

and virtual schools and alternative learning sites

KBIA - supporting environments for CONTINUOUS LEARNING 

Knowledge Building

Knowledge Forum Version 5 

The Knowledge Building International Project

has just introduced the newest version of the

electronic workspace used in our partnered

classrooms world-wide.

New Partnered Classes 

We welcome the newest partnered classes

from the Student Empowerment Academy,

a β€‹New Tech Network charter school in 

Los Angeles, They will be partnered with classrooms in Mexico and Spain.

The KBIA Community of Practice supports

its members to be trained and mentored 
to participate in technology-based models

of learning and teaching, where the status

quo, passive approach of K-12 education is

replaced by a learning method that promotes

engaged learning in knowledge building

environments that mimic scientific com-

munities.The model - the ALTE Learning Ecosystem - supports computer-supported 

collaborative learning within cultures of

inquiry and evidence. This combination

unlocks creativity and promotes the

acquisition of 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration and communication inside and outside the
K-12 classroom. Outcomes include 

improved academic achievement, 

reduced dropout rates, and college- and

career-readiness because contextualized
learning becomes relevant to the students,
resulting in closing the achievement and

gender gaps while increasing graduation

rates.  Contact us for further information, β€‹

send us a note, below, or navigate the site for details.